B.E. GOOD! Podcast | Ayelet Fishbach: Get it Done

In this episode, we speak with Dr. Ayelet Fishbach. Ayelet is a professor of Behavioral Science and Marketing at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business and the past president of the Society for the Study of Motivation and the International Social Cognition Network. She is an award-winning researcher and author of the newly released book “Get it Done”.

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During our conversation, we learned: 

  • What popular culture misunderstands about motivation (hint: we tend to think we need to change something about ourselves, but we actually need to change our circumstances!) 
  • How to set better goals for yourself and your team 
  • Why self-control isn’t enough for achieving your goals – and what you need to rely on instead 
  • The best way to juggle multiple goals  
  • The importance of intrinsic vs extrinsic motivation in achieving your goals, big and small 

To learn more about Ayelet and her work, visit https://www.ayeletfishbach.com/

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