B.E. GOOD! Podcast |  Eric J. Johnson | Outsmarting the Human Brain by Design

In this episode, we speak with Eric J. Johnson, the Director of the Center of Decision Sciences at Columbia University’s Business School and author of the new book, Elements of Choice. His research gives us valuable insight into how we can implement intentional design strategies to overcome common faults in our decision-making and enable better choices. 

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During the conversation, we learned: 

  • The importance of conscious and intentional design 
  • 3 questions designers should be asking themselves when developing elements of choice 
  • How to create effective defaults (hint: use these 3 elements–ease, endowment, endorsement) 
  • How to navigate customizable choice environments, also known as choice engines 
  • Variability in nudge effects and the ethics of choice architecture 

To learn more about Eric and his work, visit Eric J. Johnson – The Elements of Choice

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