B.E. GOOD! Podcast | Eric Singler: Founder, CEO and President of the BVA Nudge Consulting

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In this very special episode, we turn the microphone on Eric Singler: the Founder, CEO and President of the BVA Nudge Consulting. He is also Global Managing Director of the BVA Group, one of the 15 largest consulting and market research firms in the world (www.bva-group.com). Eric is a “slasher”: he is an entrepreneur, a marketing & research expert, a pioneer in applied behavioral sciences, an author and a lecturer.

Listen in to hear about:

– How Eric first discovered and became excited about the field of behavioral science
– Which significant ‘aha’ moment led to the founding of the BVA Nudge Consulting back in 2013
– The inspiration behind his three books: Nudge Marketing, Green Nudge, and Nudge Management
– How behavioral science can be better leveraged in the private sector

You can also download the transcript of the podcast episode:

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