B.E. GOOD! Podcast | Liam Delaney: Behavioural Science – Evidence, Ethics and Practice

In the first B.E. GOOD! Podcast episode of 2022, we speak with Professor Liam Delaney, Head of the Department of Psychological & Behavioural Science (PBS) at the London School of Economics, visiting professor at University College Dublin, as well as the co-developer of the Stirling Behavioural Science Centre.

Liam frequently discusses issues at the intersection of economics, psychology and ethics as they shape the emergent fields of behavioural public policy and administration. Additionally, he has published papers on the connection between mental health and economic outcomes, measuring preferences, and ethical aspects of behavioural policy.

Listen to the podcast below on Soundcloud or on your favorite podcast platform.

In our conversation, we learned about:  

  • How growing up in Ireland during a recession drove Liam’s interest in economics and psychology
  • Professor Delaney’s approach to (and learnings from) measuring emotions and real world economic preferences
  • Why ethics need to be salient in behavioral science
  • His vision and hopes in bringing together academics and practitioners at the LSE
  • Liam’s perspective on how behavioral science can help policymakers in facing COVID and other crises

Connect with Professor Delaney on LinkedIn and Twitter to learn more about his work.

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