Introducing B.E. Wiser

A better way for organizations to win with Behavioral Science

B.E. Wiser is a unique

coaching & training program
that helps teams
improve their performance
at work by successfully
applying Behavioral Science
to their business challenges.

What makes our program different?

Created by business people and behavioral scientists for practitioners, B.E. Wiser combines teaching and coaching to help teams apply behavioral science via:

A Blended Course​

better learn and apply the roots of Behavioral Science with videos, in-person​ sessions and AI powered quizzes.

Application Sessions

Focus on your business issues with live interactions with experts.

A Resource Center

Dive deeper and gain inspiration, learning from case studies.

What are the benefits of the program?

B.E. Wiser helps teams collectively change behaviors and improve performance at the personal and organizational level.

Improve performance at work:

  • Improve team and individual performance at work through upskilling
  • Continuous support to establish behavioral change and establish effective ways of working
  • Increase employee engagement through an inspiring program

Countless business application opportunities:

  • Immediate application to existing business challenges
  • Continual opportunities to infuse Behavioral Science and better solve professional challenges

Be part of the Behavioral Science community:

  • Development of internal Behavioral Science capabilities & champions
  • A certificate in Behavioral Science
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Embed the Power of Behavioral Science in your Company today

Get in touch with Etienne Bressoud, Deputy CEO of BVA Nudge Consulting, to learn more about B.E. Wiser.

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