B.E. Wiser by BVA Nudge Consulting

B.E. Wiser
Embed the Power of Behavioral Science in Your Company

B.E. Wiser is a coaching & training program designed by BVA Nudge Consulting to help different teams in organizations successfully apply Behavioral Science at scale to their various business challenges. Customize the program to your sector, topic or business challenge. Improve your effectiveness at work and ROI.

Coaching & Training Sessions 

to focus on your business issues with live interactions with experts

Blended Course

to better learn and apply the roots of Behavioral Science with videos, in-person​ sessions and AI powered quizzes

A Practitioner Resource Center 

to “dive deeper” and gain inspiration, learning from case studies 

What makes our program different?

Created by business people and behavioral scientists for practitioners, 50% of the program is dedicated to in-person business applications.

Flipped Classroom: Reversing the traditional model

Because experts are more valuable as coaches (than lecturers)

Adaptive, Personalized Learning 

Because we all learn in our own way and at our own pace and we better learn by answering quizzes

Distributed  Learning

Because many short self-guided sessions are better than a few long trainings

A Resource & Inspiration Center

200+ Articles & Videos

300+ Case Studies

A Community to learn together

50+ Influencers to follow

B.E. Wiser Program


Depending on participants profile, the online course can be a mix of: core Behavioral Science course, the Marketing track or the Management track. The classroom sessions will include customized sectorial specific Behavioral Science application.

My Course: 16 lessons over 4 months (1 per week)

  • Individual digital lessons (at your pace) 1h/lesson
    • Objective: assimilate key concepts of Behavioral Science, illustrated with research & applications via different learning tools

  • Collective in-person classrooms (pre-planned) : 1 every 2 weeks, 1h session (office or virtual), with a BVA coach
    • Objective: review acquired knowledge, discuss quiz & results, and reflect them in daily practice (sectorial)

My application session: 2 coaching sessions per month over 3-8 months 

    • Objective: mentoring teams to apply what they have learnt on their business challenges​

Additional Resources: on-demand, free access during all 12 months

    • Objective: extra-content for self-inspiration

Embed the Power of Behavioral Science in Your Company