In one study researchers displayed an opt-out checkbox labeled, “dispense as written” to an electronic health prescription screen. 

If left unchecked the default generic was prescribed. As a result, researchers saw the generic prescibing rate increase from 75.3% to 98.4%

Defaults signals what we ‘should’ do and reduce the effort needed to make a decision, making them an effective tool for changing behavior. 

See the full study here :

Patel, M. S., Day, S. C., Halpern, S. D., Hanson, C. W., Martinez, J. R., Honeywell, S., & Volpp, K. G. (2016). Generic medication prescription rates after health system–wide redesign of default options within the electronic health record. JAMA internal medicine176(6), 847-848. doi:10.1001/jamainternmed.2016.1688

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