From BVA Nudge Unit to BVA Nudge Consulting: a small change, to reflect a big transformation on our 10th anniversary!


In 2012, leading Market Research and Insights firm BVA leveraged the power of behavioural science (still an emerging field back then) to sell their first Nudge Pilot Project to a client in France. The surprisingly strong traction then led to the creation of the BVA Nudge Unit, designed to help structure BVA’s internal approaches and help them become trailblazers in the market research industry.

Soon afterwards,  BVA Nudge Unit grew to become the dedicated Behavioural Science arm of BVA, with a mission to solve brands’ behavioural challenges detected in research (e.g. loyalty, churn, innovation trial etc.) – particularly in the private sector – and continuously implementing ad-hoc initiatives such as improving Customer Experience by guiding consumer and staff behaviours, or enhancing health through better patient interactions, safety at work or hygiene compliance.

Ten years later, we have now expanded from France to the rest of Europe, the UK, Americas, and most recently Asia. Our clients’ demands have also evolved alongside this expansion, requiring more strategic support to build their internal capabilities across departments ranging from Marketing, Communications and Insights, to Human Resources and C-Suite strategy to name a few.

BVA Nudge Unit have therefore become an integral part of board room discussions on guiding brand purpose and transformation strategy. Our partnerships with clients, combined with our sectorial business knowledge, has helped identify where behavioural science can really make an impact, how to realistically intervene and measure interventional outcomes.

With our newly designed B.E. Wiser training and coaching program, the firm is now training organizational teams to infuse behavioural science in our daily work at scale. This has accelerated a shift in collaboration modes with our clients, and now functioning as a fully-fledged consultancy. The team  have therefore decided to acknowledge this shift by reflecting it in our name, signalling our progression as trusted advisors who can be consulted to develop client teams’ expertise year-round.

And so, BVA Nudge Unit now unveils its new name: BVA Nudge Consulting – keeping “Nudge” as the flagship of the BeSci  revolution during the year of its re-edition, and adding “Consulting” to reflect the impactful outcomes we work to attain for our clients.

A small change that echoes a big transformation in the industry!