October is UK Black History Month

This guide was developed by BVA Nudge Consulting UK Junior Consultant Ileana Boyes (She/Her) and Marketing Manager Michelle Novellie (She/Her) in collaboration with Chief Growth Officer Ted Utoft (He/Him) and Global Marketing Coordinator Naledi Mphathi (She/Her).

Black History Month pays tribute to the often under-valued contributions and achievements of Black communities throughout history, as well as the vast richness of diversity that these communities bring to society today.  

This October, we are excited to see our clients at Channel 4’s Black to Front initiative showcasing the voices, cultures and lived experiences of the Black community in the UK. See our infographic below to discover the science behind inclusive media representation and how it shapes audience perceptions, attitudes and behaviours.

Redressing the balance of racial representation in the media reinforces the commitment to addressing the racial inequalities that pervade minority ethnic groups everywhere.

This is not only significant for fostering allyship and inclusion, but also amplifies the ongoing campaigns for equal rights, opportunities, and representation of Black and other underrepresented ethnic minority groups throughout the year.

If you’re wondering how you can implement some of these ideas into your own systems – or indeed develop your D&I processes even further using behavioural science – we’d love to hear from you.

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