Improve circulation and wayfinding in a large hospital

The challenge

Reduce the anxiety level of visitors to improve the use of the human and technical resources of the Clinica Las Condos.

Our response

BVA reworked the space planning of the hospital, in order to make it more intuitive.

  • Simplified the nomenclature of buildings and services

  • Introduced colors associated with buildings to facilitate memorization and differentiation through salience

  • Created of a ground-level path that connects the key areas of the clinic on the busiest routes. The color is consistent with that of the building and reproduces the transitions between buildings

  • Concentrated all visitor assistance resources on the ground-level path to increase user tranquility.

The results

As a result, the fear of getting lost and orientation difficulties completely disappeared. Ease to find one's way or feasibility to find one's way increased by 50%. More visitors were concentrated along core pathways.

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