Increase cleanliness of airport restrooms and boost traveller satisfaction

The challenge

Encouraging travellers to maintain restroom cleanliness at airports, while also enhancing their satisfaction with the services.

Our response

Several nudges were put in place at different points in the restrooms to encourage travellers to maintain restroom cleanliness by using sanitary equipment in an eco-reponsable manner. Some of the nudges targeted the following:

- Encouraging the responsable use of paper through salient messaging and illustration

- Reinforcing the sensation of cleanliness and comfort (through installing bag handles, coat hangers, and automatic scent dispensers along with salient messages that appeal to emotions and a sense of reciprocity).

- Facilitating use of automatic hand dryers by providing clear tips on how to use them

The results

An evaluation of client satisfaction before and after installing the nudges revealed an significant increase in satisfaction with an increase in 20 percetage points in users' rating that the space is "much better from what the travellers expected".

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