Improving train cleanliness


BVA Nudge Consulting and OUIGO, an SNCF brand, presented a concrete case for the implementation of nudge at a Printemps des Etudes conference.


The objective of the study: to reverse the downward trend in customer satisfaction and overall cleanliness while minimizing cleaning costs in OUIGO trains.


BVA Nudge Consulting worked to find operational solutions to encourage travelers to throw their waste in the only trash can in the train car, as there were not trash cans for each seat.


A three-step process was implemented: an exploration of advice aimed at gaining a detailed understanding of the behavior of travelers, a process of ideation of operational nudges and an implementation of nudges, accompanied by a measure of efficiency and ROI .




25 nudges were produced.


One flagship nudge was Poubellator, which makes the trash can more salient and facilitates the act of throwing away garbage. Poubellator is a trash can disguised as a monster that makes the trash can stand out and makes the gesture of throwing trash away fun.


All of the nudges implemented have made it possible to reduce “very degraded cleanliness situations” from 14% to 0%, and increase customer satisfaction on this item during the summer periods.

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