Chapter 5: The COVID Crisis & Healthcare

As we navigate the post-COVID healthcare landscape, Chapter 5 of our book reflects on the crisis and its many implications for Behavioral Science.

In addition to several articles, you’ll hear from our two health sector specialists and be introduced to the TRACER framework. We’ll also speak more broadly to issues of public health, including nudging physicians and applying Behavioral Science to promote smoking cessation.

Can we “nudge” away coronavirus? Image credit: Tiphaine Breton

Below is an excerpt of Beltrande Bakoula’s thoughts on the potential ways the healthcare sector could benefit from behavioral science learnings:

“In France, according to the French National Institute against cancer, 4 out of 10 cancers result from exposure to risk factors linked to our lifestyles and behaviors. So, by stopping smoking, drinking less alcohol, eating a balanced and
varied diet, and having more physical activity, we could prevent 40% of cancers that occur each year.”

Every challenge in healthcare is somehow tied to human behavior. So I think it is important for each healthcare actors, public or private, to see through a behavioral science lens.”

To read the complete chapter, download the book Applying & Infusing Behavioral Science: Insights, Frameworks & Case Studies from the BVA Nudge Consulting.

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