Chapter 6: Nudging for Positive Social Impact

At BVA Nudge Consulting, we believe that Behavioral Science can play a significant role in promoting positive social behaviors and “nudging” communities in safer, healthier and more sustainable directions.

Moving from Awareness to Action on Sustainability. Image credit: Tiphaine Breton

In the sixth chapter of our book, we explore how we’ve put this belief to work.  Inside, you’ll find articles from Ted Utoft, Eric Singler and Scott Young on how organisations and individuals can move from “intent to action” on sustainability – and on the wisdom of focusing on “Agnostics.”  You’ll also find an insightful case study, regarding a project with Reckitt and our sister agency BVA Doxa to promote hygienic behaviors in Italian primary schools.

To find out more about applying behavioral science to sustainability and advocacy, download the book Applying & Infusing Behavioral Science: Insights, Frameworks & Case Studies from the BVA Nudge Consulting.

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