The 2023 Human Advantage Conference will be back on Sept 21st

With an opening keynote by Professor Dan Ariely

The Human Advantage Conference


At the BVA family, we are very convinced that behavioral science provide fundamentals learnings and powerful methods that help organization to be more successful and create a sustainable advantage.

  It is what we call The Human Advantage  

Because, based on a in depth understanding of human behaviors, organizations can design more efficient actions to encourage positive employees, customers and citizens behaviors and help to make better operational and strategic decisions.

And we strongly believe that positive impact and better performance go hand in hand, which is why we organize every year

The BVA Family give you access to the greatest minds in the field of applied behavioral science across major industries including finance, consumer goods, pharma & healthcare, mobility, and public policy.​ We discuss pressing topics like diversity & inclusion, building sustainable & ecological habits, creating great customer experiences, employee engagement, and innovation that truly changes behavior. 

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Discover the replays of the 2022 talks & round tables!

The 2022 edition in drawings

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