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Authority Bias

Authority figures can give greater credibility to your product or service.

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Bias of the week
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Cheerleader Effect

We tend to think individuals are more attractive when they are in a group. [...]

Affect Heuristic

Our decision are often affected by the emotions we feel in the moment when making decisions.  [...]

Bill Von Hippel

The Social Leap – The new Evolutionary Science of Who We Are, Where We Come From and What Makes Us Happy [...]

Commitment Bias

When we commit to something, we often stick with it even if it becomes increasingly apparent we should not.  [...]

Just-World Hypothesis

We assume people 'get what they deserve' and believe better or worse things about people based on their circumstances. [...]


Exposure to one stimulus can influence our response to a subsequent stimulus, even when they are not related. [...]

Marketing and Sustainability: Can the Cat Help the Hummingbird?

This article offers a sequel to the famous Hummingbirds tale, adding a controversial character, the cat, who may in the end help fight the calamities of climate change [...]

Third Person Effect

We believe mass media has a much stronger impact on others than it does on us. [...]


We automatically see patterns and faces, even when there are none. [...]

Sunk Cost Fallacy

We prioritise the actions we've put or time into, regardless of whether the costs outweigh the benefits. [...]


Certain states, such as physical exertion or trauma can make time seem to speed up or slow down [...]


The same information presented in a different way can change behaviour [...]


We value things that we own more highly than things that we don't [...]

John A. List

The Voltage Effect – Evaluating Interventions & Scaling for Real Change [...]

Barnum Effect

We often believe vague statements about personnalities are highly specific to just ourselves [...]

Availability Bias

We perceive things as more frequent just because we can redily recall examples [...]

False Consensus Effect

We assume that what we believe and feel are the same as what everyone else believes and feels [...]

Curse of Knowledge

We tend to assume others have the same background knowledge we do -often wrongly [...]


Whne someone does something kind for us we often feel we need to do something kind in return [...]

Ayelet Fishbach

Get It Done [...]

Blind Spot Bias

We can identify biases in others, but often cannot recognise them in ourslves [...]

Gambler’s Fallacy

We believe that things occuring more than normal means they will occur less in future (& vice versa) [...]


As a group, we sometimes collectively agree on thngs we don't truely believe just to avoid conflict. [...]

Bandwagon Effect

We tend to adopt behaviours, styles, and attitudes just because other people are doing so [...]

Ikea Effect

We place a much higher value on things we have built or created ourselves [...]

Halo Effect

Positive impressions about one quality make us assume other qualities will also be positive [...]

Choice-Supportive Bias

We tend to overemphasise the positive attributes or benefits of choices we've previously made [...]

Diversity & Inclusion Series, Part 8: Reducing the Gender Gap in Economics Majors with Nudge

In the final part of our Diversity and Inclusion series, we have selected a sample of iconic and measurably impactful behavioral designs, targeting both staff members and managers, at different moments of the employee experience. [...]

From BVA Nudge Unit to BVA Nudge Consulting: a small change, to reflect a big transformation on our 10th anniversary!

In 2012, leading Market Research and Insights firm BVA leveraged the power of behavioural science (still an emerging field back then) to sell their first Nudge Pilot Project to a client in France. [...]

Mere-Exposure Effect

We tend to have a preference for things just because we are familiar with them [...]