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Bias of the week

Scarcity effect

We dont’t view the money we spend as having equal value but assign subjective criteria to categorize our spending. This often leads to irrational financial

Bias of the week

Mental Accounting

We dont’t view the money we spend as having equal value but assign subjective criteria to categorize our spending. This often leads to irrational financial

Bias of the week

The Ostrich Effect

The avoidant behavior obseved in this bias is one symtom of loss aversion, the idea that poeple tend to be more impacted by losses than

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Bias of the week
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The Sustainability Intention-to-Action Gap

A growing proportion of people believe it is important to act in a way that is sustainable, and that helps avert catastrophic climate change. Yet only a fraction of them actually go beyond talking about it, and effectively change their behavior. Why might this be? [...]

Applying Behavioral Science to Improve Training: What We’ve Learned About Learning

Over the past several years, my colleagues and I at BVA Nudge Consulting have introduced many organizations to the power and core principles of Behavioral Science. [...]

Technology is Not Enough: Why we use Behavioral Science and Nudge at BNP Paribas

Interview of Anne Ledouble, BNP Paribas [...]

Wendy Wood

Good Habits – from Context to Rewards [...]

Advocates, Antagonists & Agnostics: The wisdom of focusing our efforts

“Whether it’s winning voters in an election or acquiring new customers, we have a tendency to focus our efforts on those who either strongly agree or disagree with us – but what about the people who aren’t acting on their beliefs?” This article was originally posted on The Conduit [...]

The 7 Temptations of Behavioral Scientists & Consultants

As the field is getting more mature and the community is growing, we have seen some behaviors damaging the reputation of behavioral science. Even the best can give into temptations. What other battles between vice and virtue have you witnessed? [...]

Remote Togetherness

Emerging after COVID-19: how can brands create value from remote togetherness. BVA Nudge Consulting Singapore’s CEO, Richard Bordenave, looks to the experiential reality coming out of China and new spaces brands are beginning to explore. Read the full article in The Marketing Society’s Empower publication. [...]

What Behaviors will Stick in the Future: the TRACER framework

What behaviors will stick in the future? This is a question our clients haven’t stop asking us in the last few months. [...]

A Behavioral Engagement Path: Combining Nudge and Gamification

As an online user, you have noticed some special features designed to encourage you to take actions: a timer for a limited offer, a comparison with other users’ performance, points to be earned to get a reward… many of which are labelled by some as “game mechanics”, and by others [...]

Cass Sunstein

Nudging for Good – From the White House to the Workplace [...]

Customer experience people will really judge you by: the Pratfall Effect for business

Tales of the (un)expected: Leaving a positive customer experience impression may be a matter of how you deal with unforeseen mishaps [...]

Selling in a Suddenly Virtual World: Pharma Sales

The coronavirus pandemic sweeping the globe has forced organizations to radically change how they do business overnight. [...]

Finding Opportunities to Apply Behavioral Science for Good in the Private Sector

It’s clear that the private sector has significant interest in behavioral science. A recent survey of behavioral teams found over 300 teams within companies, including Walmart, PepsiCo, and Morningstar, among other large firms. The implied promise of behavioral science—that a better understanding of human behavior can lead to better products, [...]

Nudging smokers through technology

In 2012 I moved to Australia to take up a role as strategy director at the media agency (UM) for the Australian Federal Government. [...]

Encouraging health at work with Behavioral Science

Why does our health matter at work? Because we spend one-third of our adult lives at work! And because many studies have shown that a healthy employee (mentally and physically) is more productive, less absent and more collaborative. [...]

Physicians Have Cognitive Biases, Too

When we think about how doctors make decisions, it can be easy for us to fall into the long-standing trap of believing that they approach decision-making like robots: they take all the data into account, weigh everything up carefully, and compute the best choice – every time, for every patient. [...]

Reopening Trade-Offs

A systematic, creative approach can help consumers embrace new behaviors that keep shopping safe, convenient and enjoyable, even during a pandemic. [...]

COVID-19, Sustainability & Behavioral Science

As we navigate through the COVID-19 crisis, many have drawn parallels between the current crisis and the long-term challenge of sustainability and climate change. Experts offer perspective (and some conjecture) as to whether or not this immediate crisis will impact people’s attitudes and commitment to sustainability, while CEOs (such [...]

Moving from Routine to Habitat Work

How Can We Make Healthy Behaviors & Better Hygiene Stick? [...]

Dan Ariely

From Death to Invisibility [...]

Moving from Awareness to Action on Sustainability

This article was originally published on The Conduit. [...]

The Six Biases Putting Our Survival on the Planet in Danger

As part of our series on applying behavioral science to promote sustainability, we’re pleased to share this excerpt from the book Green Nudge, by Eric Singler, CEO of BVA Nudge Consulting. In this excerpt, Eric explains six human biases (heuristics) that make it difficult for us to act on the [...]

Behavioral Science & the Agnostic Shopper

Several weeks ago, I wrote an article called “Advocates, Antagonists and Agnostics,” which spoke to the importance of facilitating action (among those open to our arguments), rather than wasting energy trying to persuade those who were not. Given the upcoming U.S. Presidential election, I used the example of voting. [...]

Making Communications Better With COGNITION

RATP: Improving cleanliness in the Parisian metro and RER train stations

Especially as many of us shift out of our COVID-19 lockdowns and into our “new normal”, the issue of cleanliness in public places and especially in public transport goes beyond cleaning problems and comes both under cleaning staff’s efficacy and public civility. [...]

Communicating in a Crisis: A Best Practice Checklist from Behavioural Science

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, and measures in place to limit its impact, organisations face an overwhelming array of communications challenges, including: Providing effective customer support Effectively reassuring clients, employees and other stakeholders Encouraging positive new behaviours Communications at a time like this are absolutely critical – [...]

When Nudge acts as a Catalyst of Customer Experience

Marketers have been, for decades, consumer oriented and quite aware of consumer psychology. They use its teachings whilst building a customer experience. How can nudge help them to do it even better? [...]

Customer centricity: a bet, a belief, or a necessity?

What is “customer centricity”? Is it a new managerial trend, just like agility or happiness at work? A belief that customers should be first (and employees second), or simply a business necessity: that of being actively concerned about your customers to avoid losing them? To answer this question, I have [...]

Customer Experience: Make it easy! Wait a second, it’s not so simple!

Consulting mantras like “make it easy” have a fascinating performative power: they seem to reveal the solution whatever the problem. Our experience as a consumer proves it right every day: it’s always easier when it’s simple! The problem is that what is simple is simple only from the customer’s point [...]

Behavioral Sciences & Nudge: new frontiers for customer experience?

The whole “mar-tech” space (marketing, technology, data & analytics) is going through an unprecedented period of change. The driving forces are technological breakthrough, business model hacking (start-ups), and competitive pressure, moving at an incredible speed. But behind all these changes is a common quest: the ideal customer experience. Customer experience [...]