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Bias of the week

Scarcity effect

We dont’t view the money we spend as having equal value but assign subjective criteria to categorize our spending. This often leads to irrational financial

Bias of the week

Mental Accounting

We dont’t view the money we spend as having equal value but assign subjective criteria to categorize our spending. This often leads to irrational financial

Bias of the week

The Ostrich Effect

The avoidant behavior obseved in this bias is one symtom of loss aversion, the idea that poeple tend to be more impacted by losses than

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Bias of the week
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Can we nudge ourselves toward a healthier world?

“What if everybody did that?” Many a parent has used this phrase when they’re trying to teach their offspring good manners, like not dropping litter in the park. What they may not realise is that they’re using an established economic concept – the so-called tragedy of the commons. This describes what can [...]

Nudge Comic #8: What Is The Framing Effect?

Nudge Comic #7: A Few Useful Behavioral Tools

Nudge Comic #6: What Is A Bias?

Don’t Forget The Science Underpinning Nudging

“A little bit of science takes man away from God, much science leads him back.” This quote from Pasteur could easily be applied to nudging*. Of course, we are not placing nudging on the same level as God, but consider: “A little science takes you away from nudging, much science [...]

Nudging Ostriches

Have you heard of Abilene? If you have (and you don’t actually live there!), it’s most likely because you know of the so-called Abilene paradox, a term coined by Jerry Harvey in 1974. If not, then here is a quick summary of that paradox. [...]

Nudge Comic #5: How to keep our city tidy?

Sciencing the sh*t out of communications

In the Oscar-nominated movie ‘The Martian’ Matt Damon plays a NASA botanist stuck on Mars. His crew have departed as they have (reasonably) assumed he has been killed by an accident during their mission. [...]

Improving customer experience in a clinic

The concepts of “System 1” and “System 2” decision making, first described in Daniel Kahneman’s Thinking, Fast and Slow, have vastly increased our understanding of human behavior. [...]

Nudge comic #4: What is choice architecture?

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G.I. Joe and the Battle of Transformational Change

We talk to corporations, government offices and NGOs all the time that face challenges to growing their businesses, realizing goals for sustainable practices and tackling issues like diversity. They all acknowledge or at least manifest a desire to commit to programs that will help them achieve transformational change. [...]

Nudge Comic #3: How to incentivize medical staff to wash their hands

Behavioral Science and the Sharing Economy: Nudging to Promote Safety on Electric Scooters

This is the first in a series of blogposts on using behavioral design to improve the sharing economy. [...]

Nudge comic #2: The power of scents

The misbehaving employee

What do you think of when you see the term organization? Does it evoke images of organization charts, reporting lines or role and responsibility descriptions? Or perhaps it conjures up business processes, procedures and rules, appraisals, objectives and targets. [...]

Nudge comic #1 : What is a Nudge?

United Nations Women: Nudging a Global Movement for Gender Equality

Moving From Intent to Action: Identifying the Right Nudge Opportunity

As January turns to February, we often become very aware of the gap between our Intentions and our Actions. After all, this is when many of our New Year’s Resolutions fade away, falling victim to our firmly established habits. Of course, the same thing also happens in business. Employees [...]

The value of a discount

When money off is worth more than money alone What is the last item you bought? Maybe a coffee, a pack of bin bags during your weekly shop, or a vacuum cleaner. What was it worth to you? [...]

Gender Equality Thoughts from a BAD Conference

After an exciting week filled with events focused on gender equality, starting in NYC and ending in Toronto, I’m happy to be back at my hotel and jumping into bed (laptop in hand, of course). From the inspirational visionaries at the UN Women’s HeForShe event, to the academic thought [...]

Nudge, Dark Nudges, Sludge and Dealing with the Ethics of BE

After several invigorating days of planning the global launch of BVA Nudge Consulting at a beautiful chateau outside of Paris, I approached Richard Bordenave (co-founder of BVA Nudge Consulting) to discuss something. And well, let’s just say things got very dark… [...]