Nudge Management in London


Please join us, and our special guest Isabelle Magyar of the United Nations’ HeforShe Initiative, on the morning of June 11th in Central London, as we present the power of “nudge” to drive organisational transformation and behavioural change.


We will share examples of “nudge” principles applied within companies:

  • The power of nudge management, and the importance of overcoming common biases to achieve better managerial decision making;
  • Case studies applying behavioural science to promote inclusion, diversity and gender equality;
  • Insights and examples of nudging employees to develop new habits, improve customer service, create better internal communication, encourage safety at work, and build more entrepreneurial and collaborative cultures.


Tuesday 11 June, 2019 from 9AM to 12PM
The Garry Weston Library, Southwark Cathedral, London SE1 9DA



  • Isabelle Magyar, HeForShe Executive Director’s Office, United Nations Women
  • Éric Singler, Founder, President and CEO, BVA Nudge Consulting
  • Anne Charon, Head of Transformational Change, BVA Nudge Consulting France
  • Koen Smets, Senior Advisor Organizational Transformation, BVA Nudge Consulting
  • Richard Chataway, Vice-President, BVA Nudge Consulting UK


All attendees will receive a copy of Éric Singler’s latest book, “Nudge Management: Applying Behavioural Science to Boost Well-Being, Engagement and Performance at Work”.

BVA Nudge Consulting France

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