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We publish case studies, helpful guides and thought leadership to help drive the application of Behavioral Science for a variety of challenges across sectors. 

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Applying & Infusing Behavioral Science

BVA Nudge Consulting

Our new book draws on the knowledge and expertise of experts at BVA Nudge Consulting, who have been working with leaders of both public and private sector organizations on applying and infusing Behavioral Science.

Hear their voices and learn from their experiences through a combination of interviews, case studies and articles. You’ll find commentary on a wide range of applications and opportunities, from Customer Experience to Diversity & Inclusion, and case studies from the Financial Services, Consumer Goods, Healthcare and Transport sectors, among many others.

Most importantly, you’ll find a consistent focus on the practitioner and some very practical advice to help aspiring “Behavioral Science champions” increase their impact within organizations.

A special thanks to Tiphaine Breton of the BVA Family Creative Studio for her amazing work on the book design and illustrations! 

Nudge Marketing

by Eric Singler

“Nudge Marketing: Understanding Consumer Behavior” by Eric Singler explores the concept of nudge marketing, which involves subtly influencing consumer choices and behaviors. Singler delves into the psychology behind decision-making and how marketers can leverage these insights to encourage desired actions.

The book emphasizes the importance of understanding consumers’ subconscious triggers and biases. Singler discusses various techniques, such as framing, default settings, and social norms, that can be used to nudge consumers towards specific choices. He provides real-world examples and case studies to illustrate the effectiveness of nudge marketing strategies.

The book also touches on ethical considerations and the potential for misuse. Overall, “Nudge Marketing” offers valuable insights for marketers aiming to employ psychological principles to guide consumer behavior and enhance their marketing strategies.

Nudge Management

by Eric Singler

“Nudge Management – How to create well-being, engagement, and performance with the Behavioral Science revolution” by Eric Singler, published by Pearson in 2017, explores how behavioral sciences can be applied to the field of management.

The book highlights the use of “nudge” techniques to positively influence individuals’ behaviors within organizations. Using concrete examples, Singler demonstrates how small changes in the way choices are presented can promote employees’ well-being, engagement, and performance.

The book also addresses the ethical aspects of using these methods and offers strategies for their effective implementation. In essence, “Nudge Management” provides insights into how Behavioral Science can enhance management and organizational outcomes.

Green Nudge

by Eric Singler

“Green Nudge – Succeeding in Changing Behaviors to Save the Planet” by Eric Singler, published by Pearson in 2015, explores the concept of “nudge” in the environmental context.

The book offers methods to encourage individuals to adopt environmentally sustainable behaviors. Drawing on behavioral psychology, Singler highlights how small changes in the way choices are presented can have a significant impact on environmentally-friendly decisions.

The book provides practical examples of “green nudges” and explains how they can be applied to encourage environmentally-conscious choices. It also underscores the challenges and ethical considerations related to using these techniques to address environmental issues. In essence, “Green Nudge” provides insights into promoting responsible behaviors towards the planet through subtle incentives.

Nudge et autres coups de pouce pour mieux apprendre

Etienne Bressoud, PhD – French content only

Etienne Bressoud’s book “Nudge et autre coups de pouce pour mieux apprendre” explores effective methods of learning, focusing on small interventions, or “nudges,” that can enhance our ability to acquire and apply new knowledge.

Bressoud details how nudges can be used to optimize teaching and learning, drawing on principles of Behavioral Science. He highlights practical strategies to boost learner motivation, encourage active engagement, promote information retention and application.

The book provides guidance on designing more effective learning environments, whether in formal education or individual learning contexts.

It offers simple yet powerful tips to improve our capacity for learning and applying knowledge more effectively.

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Guide de l'Economie Comportementale 2023

by BVA Nudge Consulting – French content only

The Behavioral Economics Guide is the leading annual publication dedicated to behavioral economics and behavioral insights.

Each edition features contributions from renowned Behavioral Science scholars in the Behavioral Science and practitioners from around the globe. Additional resources include a Behavioral Science encyclopedia, an up-to-date listing of graduate degree programs, and more.

BVA Nudge Consulting is proud to publish the French version of the Guide every year with specific contributions from French researchers and practitioners. In doing so, we contribute to the dissemination and promotion of Behavioral Science. 

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guide 2022

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