The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Applied Behavioural Science

A Journey to the Land of Nudge for Marketers and Behavioural Consultants

Context is everything…but what is context?

The definition of what counts as context varies depending on academic frame of reference:
a) the behavioural economist decodes biases,
b) the sociologist networks and social norms and
c) the anthropologist cultural traits

But what if we could bridge their approaches? For more information, download the full working paper below:

A Cultural Compass for Context Exploration

This paper was written by Richard Bordenave, CEO of BVA Nudge Consulting APAC and Trisha Nagpal, Founder of the Ashoka Behavioural Insights Team, with the contribution of Sophie Mahe, VP Associate Director of PRS IN VIVO Group Asia.

The paper is also featured in the book: Applying & Infusing Behavioral Science: Insights, Framewroks & Case Studies from the BVA Nudge Consulting edited by Scott Young & Eric Singler, 2021.

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