Over 70 speakers and 4000 attendees!

At the BVAFamily, we believe that positive impact and better performance go hand in hand. Which is why we organized in 2022 the first edition of THE HUMAN ADVANTAGE CONFERENCE.

We discussed pressing topics like diversity & inclusion, building sustainable & ecological habits, creating great customer experiences, employee engagement, and innovation that truly changes behavior.

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Teaser of the 2022 edition

This 2-day hybrid event gave access to some of the greatest minds in the field of applied behavioral science across 5 major industries including finance, consumer goods, pharma & healthcare, urban planning & mobility, and public policy.

Leading ACADEMIC RESEARCHERS FROM TOP UNIVERSITIES and practitioners from organizations leading the charge in applied behavioral science shared their insights and recommendations for applying behavioral science.

This 2-day hybrid event brought together some sixty renowned speakers: the leading researchers in the field (Cass Sunstein, Katy Milkman, Iris Bohnet, John List, Pierre Chandon, Dilip Soman, …) and practitioners from all industries, who came to talk about the concrete applications of behavioral sciences

Organized around 11 thematic and sector-based sessions, the conference covered the main sectors of the economy as well as the main cross-sector issues:

Watch the conference replay:

  • Opening Keynote : Cass Sunstein
  • 7 key sessions:
    • Diversity and Inclusion + Iris Bohnet
    • Employee Engagement + Caroline Webb
    • Sustainability + Wendy Wood
    • New Ideas – New Product + John List & Matt Wallaert
    • City & Mobility
    • FMCG + Pierre Chandon
    • Communication + Michael Nathan & Jonah Berger
  • Opening Keynote :  Kathy Milkman
  • 6 key sessions:
    • Customer Experience + Dilip Soman
    • Banque Finance + Jeff Kreisler
    • Public Policy + Michael Hallsworth
    • Pharma & Healthcare + Mitesh Patel
    • Infusing BeSci within organizations + Max Bazerman & Don Moore
    • Closing Keynote: Olivier Sibony