To be more customer-centric, fight against the pull of “Company Gravity”

Customer centricity has become the (new) alpha and omega of business transformations. However, despite their claimed determination, corporate initiatives often struggle to bring about real cultural changes. Though companies are constantly testing new solutions to get closer to their customers (Design Thinking, Agile methods…), they often forget to address the force that pulls them apart in everyday life, namely: The Company Gravity.

The company’s force of attraction

Company gravity (or internal gravitational pull) is the set of contextual factors and behavioral biases that systematically bring employees – voluntarily or involuntarily – back to a company-centric perspective. This comes at the expense of customer centricity: Whether it concerns their brand, their role, or their career, employee inclinations tend towards selecting company interests over those of the customer.

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Richard Bordenave

BVA Nudge Consulting

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