Training, coaching & infusing Behavioral Science

Embed the power of behavioral science within your organization

Many of the world’s most innovative and successful companies (such as Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Procter & Gamble and Bank of America) are applying behavioral science extensively to create more impactful interventions and gain competitive advantage.

To help you in applying Behavioral Science as well, we have designed specific conference and lecture presentations to educate and motivate your teams and stakeholders. We’ve also created B.E. Wiser, a coaching & training program where we support organizations in building internal capabilities to apply behavioral science effectively.

To introduce Behavioral Science

To coach & train people

Conference / Lecture

Want to engage your team or convince your stakeholders of the power of Behavioral Science?

This is precisely why we have developed a range of conference presentations and lectures about applied Behavioral Science and Nudge Theory applied to a wide variety of topics including Marketing, Communications, CX, Digital, Management, Diversity & Inclusion, Safety at Work, CSR and Sustainability.  These sessions offer a fun way to raise awareness within your organization of the power of Behavioral Science to generate change.

To dive deeper and truly upskill your talent, ask for one of our Masterclass Sessions – an engaging one-day program designed to help you discover more about  Behavioral Science, and when and how to apply it for success.

B.E. Wiser Coaching Program

You want to optimize your team’s efficiency through a unique program, that infuses Behavioral Science into a multitude of applications such as:

  • Enhancing Customer Experience
  • Elevating Research & Insight
  • Improving Digital Marketing & Communications
  • Guiding New Product Adoption & Conversion
  • Addressing Management & HR Challenges (DE&I, workplace safety, etc)

B.E. Wiser helps teams collectively change behaviors and improve performance at the personal and organizational level. It combines teaching and coaching to help teams apply behavioral science via:

A blended course

Live application sessions

A vast resource center

Embed the power of Behavioral Science in your company today!

Building internal capabilities

Partnering with organizations to help them create their internal Behavioral Science Team.

We help organizations build their own embedded and sustained behavioral science team for a centralized and systematic application of BeSci learnings.

We provide guidance at every step of the way through bespoke accompaniment:


Helping you set the vision & scope the need


Guiding you to staff the relevant team


Train BeSci practitioners


Helping you choose and kickoff with the right projects


Supporting you to promote your BeSci team within the organization