The challenges we solve

Changing Behavior is both our expertise and our passion. We work on very different topics in relation to behavioral change but the following challenges are the ones where we have the deepest experience:

Web/app design
& digital communication

To enhance user experience for a website or an app and encourage the adoption of the desired behaviors, by reinforcing the efficiency of the existing call to action. To encourage the adoption of digital tools and accelerate their adoption compared to physical ones (online shopping, e-commerce, customer service agents, call centers, etc.)


To integrate the principles of Behavioral Economics , at the early stages of development of a new product or service, in order to maximize the chances of success in creating new habits of use.

In Store

Optimizing a communication program at the point of sale to maximize its impact compared to the desired behavior concerning a specific offer

Customer experience
& loyalty

To enhance the actual and the perceived experience along the entire customer journey, to optimize customer acquisition and retention, by achieving a desired behavior in the activation moment in physical or digital sales or promotion


To contribute the growth of a market or of a category of products, stimulate the adoption of new uses, reactivate lapsed consumers, or to attract new customers by the evangelization of products.

External & internal

To develop and optimize both internal and external communications in order to make them more engaging, action oriented and engineered towards the desired behaviors.


To enhance the efficiency of public policies by facilitating behaviors in private citizens relating to public health, public finances, education, and the environment.


To incentivize individuals to adopt sustainable behaviors for themselves, their community and the planet

Employee engagement
& well being

To optimize employees' well-being and performance at work, by conceiving a physical and psychological environment based on the principles of Behavioral Science learnings, relevant to the organization's culture and expectations.

organizational change

To partner with management in the implementation and execution of internal transformation plans to enhance the chances of success.


To empower corporations' leaders and executive managers to make more effective decision making in the face of their most critical challenges through a proprietary coaching technique inspired by our behavioral Drivers of Influence.


To partner with organizations in their relocation projects in order to conceive and construct workplace environments that structurally facilitate and encourage the adoption of the desired behaviors to drive collaboration, innovation, diversity, and shared learning.

Diversity & gender

To build physical and psychological environments optimizing equalitarian behaviors and diversity.To reinforce diversity in workplaces, by reducing and even eliminating bias in recruitment, promotion and employee development processes.

at work

To reduce workplace accidents by encouraging behaviors in all stakeholders that encourage compliance with security rules on a daily basis, at the right time, with the relevant nudges in their working environments.