Our Methods and Expertise

At BVA Nudge Consulting, we master a broad range of powerful tools and methods that we deploy and combine,
based on the relevant business problem and desired outcome in each project.


We conduct behavioral audits – using relevant specific research approaches (ethnography, in-person interviews, online quantitative surveys, etc.) to understand your context and challenges immersively, before creating solutions. Identifying every micro barrier to the adoption of the desired behavior in your core audience is the foundation for creating powerful behavioral change strategy.


Our NudgeLab approach is a full process – awarded by ESOMAR as the “2015 Overall Best Paper" – which combines research approaches, creativity techniques, design thinking and strategic consultancy to co-create, execute and test powerful nudges with your team and public stakeholders. The NudgeLab approach is recommended for strategic behavioral change.

Nudge design

The Nudge Design Expert approach is a process which involves a BVA Nudge Consulting expert team and our client project team in specific dedicated workshops to create Nudge solutions to encourage a very specific behavior. The Nudge Design Expert session is recommended to create Nudges for more tactical behavioral change or when the organization has already fully documented the context and challenges to achieve the desired changes.

Behavioral training &

BVA Nudge Consulting offers a full range of training services from initial exposure to principles to embedding and certifying sophisticated expertise within the organization. Our training services includes face-to-face workshops and deep online self-guided learning resources. Thanks to the BVA Studio capabilities, we are also able to design customized intranet platforms dedicated to the application of Behavioral Science uniquely positioned to reflect your organization's needs.


Our certified coaches partner with leaders in organization to help them to be successful at managing their external and internal challenges. In addition to mastering the best of coaching approaches, our coaches are experts in Behavioral Economics. This combination enables leaders to capitalize on this powerful knowledge to make relevant decisions, avoid biases and engage the company, key stakeholders and colleagues efficiently with powerful external and internal communications.

Change management

All of our approaches are supported by our unique and proprietary tools and frameworks to guide and support creativity. At the center of our toolkit is our “Drivers of Influence” which is a construct which provides a memorable, simple way to understand and remember key heuristics that influence behavior and choice. Along with other BVA Nudge Consulting proprietary tools (Nudge Matrix, Stairs of Change, etc.) we have techniques that make the exercise of understanding behavior simple and even fun!

& test

Research acumen sits side-by-side with behavioral science expertise at the heart of our approach. BVA Nudge Consulting has mastery in the full range of proven research methodological techniques. We also have decades of experience deploying and adapting these techniques based on what BE has taught us about what works to address clients' business challenges. We utilize research at the beginning of our interventions to determine the contextual basis of the challenge. At the end of the process, we use these techniques to test, validate and optimize our Nudges and Behavioral Change strategies.