Who we are

BVA Nudge Consulting is a global consultancy that applies the best of Behavioral Science to help organizations and humans to BE Healthy, to BE Happy and to BE Green.

A pioneer and global leader

Established in 2013, BVA Nudge Consulting (formerly BVA Nudge Unit) is one of the pioneering, most innovative and largest agencies dedicated to the application of behavioral sciences worldwide.

Initially incubated within the Innovation department of The BVA Family (formerly BVA Group), BVA Nudge Consulting has retained its passion for innovation in its DNA. In fact, our very first engagement led to the creation of our NudgeLab methodology, which was named as Best Paper and Best Case Study by the biggest global community of Insights and Analytics, ESOMAR.

BVA Nudge Consulting has remained at the cutting edge of applied Behavioral Science though innovative new tools and services. We’ve remained committed to thought leadership through several books, multiple articles and white papers, regular webinars, our B.E.Good! Podcast and The Human Advantage conference.

We’ve grown to become a truly global team. In 2018, we decided to launch an international network to meet the needs of large global private and public organizations.

We know from behavioral science than context is key, specifically, cultural context, and we are proud to have experts based in Asia-Pacific, Europe, Middle East Africa North and South America.

We are Innovators and Thought Leaders in the application of Behavioral Science

Behavioral Science is science! Applying academic learnings and leveraging best practice inform our practice. We encourage a test & learn approach to measure impact. 

We are committed to Nudging for Good

At BVA Nudge Consulting, we are committed to making the world a better place with behavioral interventions that make big changes. It is at the heart of what we do; we call it Nudging for Good.

It is one reason why BVA Nudge Consulting adopted the status of a mission-driven company (“Entreprise à mission” in France) in January 2022.

We believe that Nudge and Behavioral Science can contribute to a better world by encouraging people and organizations to adopt new behaviors which are good for them, their communities and the planet.

Whether our client is a private company, a government entity, a public administration or a non-profit organization, we believe that taking care of the interests of their consumers and citizens is the only way to build strong relationships, trust and confidence. This significant and simple act is the foundation of sustainable success in any organization.

That’s why we are focused on the three major challenges that matter to us: health (BE HEALTHY), the environment (BE GREEN), and happiness (BE HAPPY – Happy at Work and Happy Customers).

We are very proud of our behavioral interventions & nudges, and we love creating new ones daily that contribute to the success of our clients.

Let’s make a better world together.

Meet our team

Our global network

BVA Nudge Consulting has taken a pioneering international position in the application of Behavioral Science to serve global private and public clients. Our unparalleled global network includes local expertise centers spread throughout the world: in Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia/Pacific and the Middle East.

We have worked with consumers and citizens in France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, the United States, Chile, Singapore, India, and much more. Our global presence gives us a robust expertise based on a deep understanding of local cultures , enriching our approach with the diversity of each of our teams .

To learn more, please contact our local experts directly: Eric Singler (global), Suzanne Kirkendall (North America), Xavier Genot (LatAm), Etienne Bressoud (France), Ted Utoft (UK), Richard Bordenave (APAC).