BE part of the Family

Wondering what is it like to work at BVA Nudge Consulting?
Here are some frequent answers:


We are passionate about behavioral science.

By joining BVA Nudge Consulting, you become part of a community of behavioral science pioneers. You will have the opportunity to develop your skills and knowledge in behavioral science and apply them to real-world challenges. Whether you are an experienced professional or a motivated beginner, we believe that everyone has something to learn and contribute.


We create learning opportunities

Our industry is constantly evolving and, through our dedicated training program in behavioral science, our employees continually refresh their knowledge, enhancing their future opportunities.

Being a learning organization also means creating connections to enable our employees to share their knowledge. We bring together experts from diverse fields (from data scientists to behavioral science consultants, from data processors to designers), all passionate about their profession and eager to share learnings with their peers. Every month, our employees around the world share their expertise, the results of an experiment, or a passion with colleagues.

Do you believe that learning from others is the best way to grow and develop? So do we.


We have a deep rooted entrepreneurial spirit.

We do this by encouraging our employees to think outside the box, experiment with new approaches, and participate in in organizational transformation projects. By involving everyone in the process of transforming our profession and our organization, we have succeeded in creating BVA Nudge Consulting, becoming a Purpose-Driven Company, and continuously developing new solutions such as EPIC, AI Pack Screener, and BE Wiser.

We are looking for ambitious, creative, and bold people who enjoy questioning and reinventing their profession.


We’re a Purpose-Driven Company.

Since 2021, the companies within The BVA Family have become Purpose-Driven Companies (Benefit Corporation in the US, Società Benefit in Italy), with the ambition of placing the contribution to the common good at the heart of our economic model. At the core of our company’s project is the desire to inform the decisions of people and organizations; to decipher the world and support clients to build effective solutions, contributing to a positive future. We make this mission the guiding principle of our organization and have defined four commitments that we collectively strive for.

Are you looking for meaningful work? We empower our employees to engage and contribute to fulfilling our collective mission.


As experts in human behavior, we value humanity in all its diversity.

At BVA Nudge Consulting, we believe that diversity is a source of strength, innovation, and creativity. We value differences and strive to create an environment where everyone is respected and appreciated for their unique talents, skills, and experiences. We believe that by celebrating diversity and encouraging people to be themselves, we can create a dynamic and inclusive culture that allows everyone to thrive and excel.

Our teams are filled with individuals who make a difference.


We are convinced that we can be professional and still have fun.

BVA Nudge Consulting nurtures a culture of sharing and celebration.

We encourage moments of connection across our offices worldwide, whether it’s gathering for a barbecue in Sydney, meeting at a pub in London, enjoying a coffee in Milan, or sharing a morning croissant in France.

BVA Nudge Consulting wants to meet you!

Looking for a job that doesn’t feel like work? Check out our open positions and join a team that’s passionate about what we do – and knows how to have some fun along the way. Apply now!